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  • Sanitary ceramics' low-end market is congested and high-end market is smooth and open

    Aug. 10, 2020 - China's bathroom industry has been affected by the central bank's interest rate hike since the beginning of 2017, followed by macro-control policies, real ...

    [10/08/2020]Read more >
  • 19 ceramic sanitary ware brands rank among the top 500 in China

    Aug. 07, 2020 - On August 5, WorldBrand Lab released the 17th analysis report of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" in Beijing. A total of 19 ceramic sanitary ware brands,...

    [07/08/2020]Read more >
  • Bathroom giant's global sales drop nearly 10%

    Aug. 06, 2020 - Sanitary ware and home furnishing enterprises have successively released business reports for the first half of the year. In terms of sanitary ware enterpr...

    [06/08/2020]Read more >
  • Shares of three bathroom enterprises were acquired

    Aug. 05, 2020 - Recently, Aqualla, a British bathroom company headquartered in Northern Ireland, announced the acquisition of Adamsez, one of the oldest brands in the UK b...

    [05/08/2020]Read more >
  • Several famous bathroom brands raised prices again

    Aug. 04, 2020 - Since the beginning of the year, the product prices of the major bathroom enterprises have increased. Hansgrohe increased by 3.2%, Dongpeng increased by 3%...

    [04/08/2020]Read more >
  • HCG's mainland factory will stop production

    Aug. 03, 2020 - On July 31, HCG issued an announcement that production at the mainland factory will be completely stopped, and it is expected to reduce production capacity...

    [03/08/2020]Read more >
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