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Many enterprises have issued price increase notices


Feb. 24, 2021 - With the improvement of the epidemic situation at home and abroad, various industries began to recover. The news of rising prices of stainless steel, plastics, glass, zinc alloy and other raw materials was overwhelming, and the rising prices of household products were driven by increasing costs!


Steel prices soar again

Affected by the macro market sentiment after the Spring festival, the rise of non-ferrous metals is also very strong. Recently, Tangshan and other places have issued environmental protection policies for the new year. The macro favorable atmosphere is still in place, and the market is obviously scrambling for goods. In terms of price adjustment, the price of steel plants increased by 100-200 yuan, among which AN GANG GROUP increased by 240 yuan / ton. Overall, the possibility of market price reduction is not big, steel prices will continue to rise.


A single price increase of 25% in carton factory

According to statistics, all kinds of base paper and paperboard price increase letters have been pouring in, involving a wide range of areas, as many enterprises as possible, and the increase is large, which is probably more than many people expected. As time goes by, this round of price rising tide has been transferred from papermaking and paperboard to cartons, and the single increase of some cartons factories is even as high as 25%.


The price of composite wood rose to a record high

Recently, North American composite wood prices rose to four digit closing for the first time, reaching $1000 per thousand board feet. Meanwhile, the benchmark OSB price in the north central region rose 1.2% from Friday to a record $845 per thousand square feet. OSB prices in western Canada rose by the same percentage to an all-time high of $870.


Due to the rising prices of raw materials, decorative paper and manufacturers in the domestic home furnishing industry are directly affected, which may affect the whole home furnishing industry chain in the later stage. It is reported that some home upstream enterprises have said that the current product prices are changing every day, do not accept oral booking, must cash in stock.


It can be expected that with the continuous rise of raw materials, some small and micro home furnishing enterprises relying on low prices will face the risk of survival difficulties or even bankruptcy, and the profits of the home furnishing industry are getting thinner and thinner, whether or not price increases is the most difficult problem for companies.

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