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Acquisition cases of China sanitary enterprises in 2020


Feb. 04, 2021 - In 2020, there are two acquisition cases of sanitary enterprises in China. Seagull has acquired the equity of several companies, thus opening up the unit bathroom market, and expanding the market share, and Lesso has acquired LESNTEC to enter the assembled field.


Seagull acquired shares of several companies

In 2020, seagull and its subsidiary or sub - subsidiary company acquired 100% equity of Guangdong Uchoice Integration Houseing Technology Co., Ltd. (KEZHU), 100% equity of Union Time and part equity of Taicera Enterprise Company. Seagull said that in order to speed up the entry into the field of residential unit bathroom and expand the market share of unit bathroom, it eventually acquired KEZHU with 37.32 million yuan, so as to further promote the faster development of the company's new unit bathroom business. After acquiring part of the equity of Taicera Enterprise Company with NT $350 million (about 81 million yuan), seagull will acquire the controlling right of Taicera Enterprise Company, laying a foundation for developing the Vietnam market.


Lesso acquired 55% of the equity of LESNTEC

China Lesso Group Holding Co.Ltd. (Lesso) Announcement, Lesso plans to acquire 55% of LESNTEC for 39.115 million yuan. Upon completion of the transaction, LESNTEC will become a non-wholly-owned subsidiary of Lesso. The deal is another major move in the assembly field by Lesso following its acquisition of EAGO and its joint venture with Japanese company Aiboke.

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