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CRW will participate in the 128th Canton Fair


Oct. 13, 2020 - On October 15, 2020, the 128th Canton Fair will open again on the cloud. The functions of the online platform of the fair will be more perfect, with columns such as virtual exhibition hall, live broadcast zone, etc., which will integrate the functions of all-day online display, promotion, docking suppliers and buyers, online negotiation, etc., and the "face-to-face" communication of trade fair will be changed into "screen-to-screen" communication.


This is an actual test of online transformation, and the “carrying goods” display is a highlight of the Canton Fair. The 360-degree display of the corporate image of Foshan CRW Bathrooms Co., Ltd.(CRW) will bring brand-new cloud display, cloud interaction and cloud negotiation to create a more standardized online exhibition service model.


CRW inherits the British style and adheres to the culture and quality of royal bathroom in Scotland. The Canton Fair is integrated into the Internet, promotes digitization, opens up international trade channels with digital economy, and meets the all-round needs of customers with the design concept of excellent quality and high-end customization.


With the advent of the era of wisdom, intelligent products and integrated mode have become the standard of home life. Now, CRW adopts the top intelligent production line in the industry to create intelligent products, innovate assembly series space, and provide consumers with a better and more intelligent living space experience.

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