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Swell strategic cooperation with China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group


Sep. 10, 2020 - Recently, Swell sanitary ware and China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group (CMCC), one of the world's top 500 enterprises, have successfully reached strategic cooperation with each other.


CMCC is a large-scale backbone construction enterprise under MCC, a listed enterprise in the World Top 500. It mainly focuses on large and medium-sized industrial and civil construction projects, municipal infrastructure construction projects and environmental governance projects at home and abroad.


CMCC chose Swell sanitary ware, agreed to include Swell sanitary ware into its material brand library, and selected Swell sanitary ware products in the project. After obtaining the information of the bidding project, Swell successively communicated with CMCC for many times. After several months of tracking and service for the project, it was recognized by CMCC construction engineering and won the competitive opportunity. The winning of the bid further consolidated the position of Swell in the sanitary ware market.

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