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Market demand recovered, some raw materials started the third round of price increase


Sep. 11, 2020 - Since April, with the normal start-up of the domestic market, demand has gradually recovered. Meanwhile, affected by international bulk commodities such as oil, iron ore and non-ferrous metals, the price has continued to rise, and the price increase of some raw materials has reached a record high.


Titanium dioxide: another 500 yuan per ton! Titanium dioxide price will rise for the third time in the second half of the year

In September, titanium dioxide, as the main raw material of architectural coatings, has an obvious price rise momentum. Recently, with the normal start-up of the domestic market, the demand has returned, leading to the rise of titanium dioxide price. The relevant person in charge of the leading titanium dioxide company pointed out that although the price of titanium dioxide has increased significantly recently, the price is still in a low range compared with previous years, and there is still some room for price increase in the future.


Glass: a 10-year high price

After four months of rising prices, the spot price of float glass in key regions of the country reached 1980 yuan per ton at the end of August, a record high in the past decade. At present, there are 1.476 million glass related enterprises in China. In 2019, there are 291000 new glass related enterprises, with a year-on-year increase of 22.68%. In the first half of this year, 154000 new enterprises were added, with a year-on-year increase of 11.6%. In terms of regional distribution, Guangdong Province ranked first with 322000 enterprises, followed by Shandong and Jiangsu.


Wood: 200% price increase in 4 months

The current situation has caused timber prices to soar by more than 160% since April, after Americans renovated their homes in April. Robert Dietz, NAHB's chief economist, said higher prices added about $16000 to the cost of a new home.


PVC: most manufacturers raise prices

On September 9, PVC spot market price was stable. Market transaction multi-point price as the main, pull down the spot transaction center of gravity. Because the fundamental contradiction is not big, the short-term PVC spot market consolidation probability is large. The price of five type materials in East China market is 6550-6600 yuan / ton.


Copper: expected to rise further

If the link between demand and credit supply in China, the largest consumer country, can be fully restored, there is still room for copper prices to rise further. Three month copper on the London Metal Exchange hit a 26 month high of $6830 a ton last week, up more than 50 per cent since March, when global economic activity was disrupted by an anti epidemic blockade.

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