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China's bathroom exports in the first quarter of 2020


Jul. 31, 2020 - According to the analysis of relevant data, in the first quarter, China's porcelain, ceramic sanitary ware, sinks, plastic bathtubs, aluminum sanitary ware, iron cast bathtub, faucets and other 12 sanitary ware exports totaled 22.65 billion yuan, and the total export volume was 537,948,305 kilograms. Imports totaled 13,470,399 kilograms and 880 million yuan.


According to the export data of 12 sanitary products, the top 10 sanitary export countries in the first quarter of 2020 are the United States, Germany, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, The United Arab Emirates, Spain and Canada. Among them, the United States remained the largest exporter of sanitary ware in China, the export volume was 3.916 billion yuan and the export volume was 1,265,78342 kg.


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