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Hygienic Digital Glazing, SACMI-Gaiotto’s answer to the new challenges of the sanitary ware sector


Jun. 24, 2020 - Surface sanitization is an increasingly urgent need of the sanitary ware market and has become a standard requirement in the manufacture and sale of high-quality products. With the digitalization of hygienic glaze application, SACMI offers its global customers a new service for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the process and consequently the added value given to the product.

With the launch of SACMI00’s latest kit for robotized application of anti-bacterial products onto the glazed piece, SACMI eliminates all manual operations from the application process, thereby guaranteeing maximum uniformity and repeatability, as well as optimizing raw material consumption. In the newly proposed solution, the application of the sanitizing glaze is handled through a different independent channel of SACMI’s tried-and-tested “mass control” system for the control of flow rate and quantity of glaze delivered during the robotized glazing process.


With this proposal, SACMI-Gaiotto consolidates its position as the international market leader in the field of robotized glazing technology. It has responded rapidly to market demand in terms of quality and hygiene, safety and sanitization of surfaces, issues that have always been a primary consideration in the sanitary ware sector but have now become even more essential in the light of new developments in lifestyles and social awareness.

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