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New opportunity: Guangdong will focus on cultivating 20 strategic industrial clusters

Oct. 14, 2020 - Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, Department of Ecology...

[14/10/2020]Read more >
  • Sanitary ceramics do not list in the zero tariff products

    Oct. 14, 2020 - On October 12, China and Cambodia officially signed the Free Trade Agreement. In terms of trade in goods, China has granted Cambodia 97.53 percent of the total ...

    [14/10/2020]Read more >
  • CRW will participate in the 128th Canton Fair

    Oct. 13, 2020 - On October 15, 2020, the 128th Canton Fair will open again on the cloud. The functions of the online platform of the fair will be more perfect, with columns suc...

    [13/10/2020]Read more >
  • The United States launched a 301 investigation on Vietnamese timber

    Oct. 10, 2020 - In the first nine months of 2020, Vietnam's total exports of timber and forest products were about 8.97 billion USD, up 12% year on year. In August, for the fir...

    [12/10/2020]Read more >
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